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Motorola CCHUSB Mini-USB

Motorola CCHUSB DC Charger (Car Charger)

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Item # Motorola-CCHUSB-Car-Charger
Sale Price$23.99
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When you buy two or more of the Motorola CCHUSB talkabout radio car chargers with a mini-usb port your price is just 23.99 per charger. The Motorola part number for this mini USB adapter is CCHUSB.

Motorola Talkabout Radio Mini-USB Car Charger. This Motorola talkabout radio accessory is for charging a USB capable Motorola talkabout radio from your cars 12 volt vehicle outlet.

  • Input: DC12-24V
  • Outout DC12V 200mA
  • Works with USB capable Motorola talkabout radios.

    This Motorola CCHUSB plugs into your cars cigarette lighter port and charges your Motorola talkabout radio with a mini-usb port.

  • Motorola CCHUSB
    Motorola CCHUSB

    Motorola CCHUSB Mini-USB Vehicle Charger

    This Motorola car charger works with all USB ported Motorola talkabout radios. These radios include the Motorola EM1000, MH, MJ, MR, MT, MU, SX600, and SX900 Series.

    This Motorola CCHUSB car charger charges the Motorola KEBT-086-B, Motorola KEBT-086-C, Motorola KEBT-086-D batteries. If your Motorola talkabout radio has a battery with those battery numbers this car charger is the correct charger.

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    Item # Motorola-CCHUSB
    Retail: $34.99Sale Price $24.95
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    Motorola CCHUSB Mini-USB

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