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Motorola T9650R Two Way Radios

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Item # TR9650R
Sale Price$129.95
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These Motorola T9650 two way radios are an exceptional value that includes a Dual Drop-in Desktop T9650 charger, Car Charger, and two Earpieces with the attached boom microphone.

  • Talk on both FRS (Family Radio Service) and GMRS two way radios (General Mobile Radio Service), providing 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes 
  • Two watts of Motorola two way radio power allow the radios to transmit and receive signals from up to ** miles away
  • Power is automatically stepped down to a half-watt across FRS-only channels (2-mile range), enabling the Motorola two way radios to talk to all existing FRS two-way radios

  • Companding technology digitally filters out static between words to deliver clearer Motorola two way radio communications
  • Receives NOAA weather channels, offering coverage of all government-operated NOAA weather broadcasts, plus NOAA All Hazard Alert Radio
  • Dual receive mode monitors both Motorola two way radio + weather channels in standby.
  • Voice activation (iVOX) lets you talk hands-free when used with or without optional accessories
  • Emergency checklist
  • The T9650R CAMO two way radio has a Motorola exclusive feature ��companding��a sophisticated technology that filters out static between words. This allows the Motorola two way radio to deliver noticeably clearer transmission.

  • LCD backlit display makes the radio easier to read in dark conditions
  • Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed
  • Audible tone and visual display alert you when the Motorola two way radio batteries are running down; Time Out timer automatically turns off radio
  • VibraCall� alert is perfect in hushed or noisy places--vibrates to let you know someone is calling
  • Includes: NiMH batteries, dual drop-in charger, two quick-release swivel belt-clips and instruction manual
  • Can also operate on 3 AA batteries, not included supplying an estimated 32 hours of Motorola two way radio talk time

  • NiMH battery supplies an estimated 11 hours of Motorola two way radio talk time.
  • The T9650 Motorola two way radio is an outstanding value by Motorola.

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    Motorola Two Way Radios T9650R Camo

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