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Motorola TalkAbout T6320 NiMH Amazon Green

Motorola T6320 Amazon Green NiMH

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Motorola T6320 NiMH Amazon Green

Description: Motorola T6320 Amazon Green (Rechargeable)

Motorola T6320 radios are guaranteed and in stock for quick delivery from WirelessPro.com! This radio can be recharged. The NiMH batteries and charger adapter are included with your purchase. The adapter plugs into a standard house wall outlet.

Endless possibilities are what you'll get with the new T6300 series of two-way radios from Motorola. A two-way radio gone high-tech, this device crams in more functionality than ever before. Sporty and up-to-date, it challenges old notions of two-way radios and pushes the limits (and two-way radio boundaries). Naturally, it will help to connect you while hiking, boating, camping, skiing, and biking, offering unlimited potential. Outdoor adventure is just the beginning of the long list of fun and handy uses. Beyond the wilderness, the urban adventurer can stay in touch with friends and family at concerts, sporting events and on campus.

Just Between You and Me

The T6300 provides more privacy than ever before with the Eavesdrop Eliminator™. This state-of-the-art feature requires your friends and family be on your same channel, code and Eavesdrop Eliminator™ setting in order to receive your communications. Stylish colors: Smoke Black and Bimini Blue.

Expect the Unexpected

With the weather reception feature and the ability to scan national and international weather alerts, there's no need to worry about the weather raining on your parade. This helps you feel confident knowing that severe conditions don't need to catch you off guard.

Shake, Rattle & Roll

The innovative VibraCall® feature can alert you to incoming calls no matter how loud your environment. Choose between a vibrating alert, audio alert or both.

Finish your Sentences

The Talk Confirmation Tone is the modern way to say "Roger." A unique audio tone will sound when the Push to Talk button is released. This signal lets you know when the other user has stopped talking so you don't have to miss any crucial information.

Timing is Everything

Two new features can help users keep track of Father Time. The clock with alarm allows the T6300 to be used as a travel alarm or an activity timer. A fully-functioning stopwatch with lap timer will also keep tabs on your timing

Features You Know and Love

As always, enjoy the two-mile range (depending on terrain and conditions), channel scan, hands-free use and automatic Power Off features.

Fun and Affordable

No two-ways about it, the Talkabout® T6300 two-way radio will keep consumers in touch with family and friends yearlong.

Talkabout® T6320 Two-Way Radio

To help outdoor and urban adventurers get their bearings, the T6320 has all features of the T6300 along with a digital compass, thermometer, altimeter and barometer.

Always guaranteed in stock for quick delivery from WirelessPro.com!

Motorola T6320 Amazon Green NiMH - This radio can be recharged. The NiMH batteries and charger adapter (plugs into standard house wall outlet) is included with your purchase from WirelessPro.com!

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Key Features
Highlighted Features:
  • 14 channels with 38 interference eliminator codes gives you 532 ways to find a clear signal
  • Eavesdrop Reducer--helps reduce eavesdropping by scrambling private conversations
  • QuieT6000--minimizes unwanted chatter through an exclusive T6300 series noise filter
  • 10 selectable call tones--know which person from the group is calling by his/her call tone
  • VibraCall Alert--great for noisy environments, vibrates to notify you of incoming calls
  • 10 channel weather radio with weather alert--monitor local NOAA weather broadcasts and receive audible alerts when storm warnings have been issued
  • Programmable scan list--allows you to selectively scan channels
  • Built-in clock, alarm and stopwatch--expands use of radio in many ways including alarm feature that functions even if radio is turned off
  • Keypad lock
  • Hands-free use (VOX) with/without accessories with multiple sensitivity levels
  • Auto-power off
  • Signal strength indicator--visual indicator lets you know when other radios are heading out of range while you're communicating
  • Battery meter indicator and audible low battery alert
  • Alkaline models are rechargeable ready with drop-in capability (when used w/NiMH Battery Upgrade Kit)
  • NiMH models include NiMH rechargeable battery, charger, and desktop cradle
  • Single pin audio accessory connector
  • Removeable swivel belt clip
  • One year warranty
  • Operator's manual
  • The T6310 has all the features of the T6300, plus: FM radio with scan, presets & stereo earbuds; channel scan with programmable scan list
  • The T6320 has all the features of the T6300, plus: digital compass, thermometer, altimeter & barometer

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Motorola TalkAbout T6320 NiMH Amazon Green

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