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Motorola T200 Headset Surveillance FBI, Police, Security Guard, Type
2 Headsets on sale for just $29.95!

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Item # Surveillance-Headset-Motorola-T200-Radios
Sale Price$29.95
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The Motorola T200 Surveillance Headsets with Push-To-Talk microphone is great for covert or stealth missions, allowing discreet operation of your Motorola T200 Talkabout® Two-Way Radios. A clear earpiece and coiled cord provides a snug, comfortable fit - even under a motorcycle helmet - and reduces device visibility while hunting, attending a theme park or coordinating a wedding. The Motorola T200 Surveillance Headset delivers crisp, clear sound even in noisy places. The cord length between microphone and earpiece provides flexibility for movement. The PTT microphone can easily attach to your clothing with an accompanying clip. The Motorola Surveillance T200 Headset with PTT Microphone is single-pronged and works with all Motorola Talkabout® FRS/GMRS radios capable of using a headset. No set up is needed, just plug into your two-way radios and enjoy.

Packaging Content
• 2 Motorola T200 headsets
• 2 bonus earplug inserts

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Motorola T200 Surveillance Headset

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